application to receive pay-it-forward services
how do you prefer to be contacted?
what type of manicure would you like?
you understand that this fund is reserved for low-income trans & non-binary people. income level/qualification is self-determined. If your financial situation changes & you can afford regular price services, you will decline any further services in order to reserve support for those in need.
you would like assistance with bus fare to your appointment?
is there anything you would like me to know about regarding you & your relationship with your nails?

Thanks for submitting!

This is a pay-it-forward program by BEST NAILS CLUB to help fund nail appointments for low-income trans and non-binary people in the Portland area. The amount of funds received each month will determine how many applicants receive services & what services will be received. Applicants will be drawn randomly once per month. Application questions will not effect/determine eligibility. Once you fill out an application, no need to apply again. Contact chichi, the owner & artist at BEST NAILS CLUB with any questions by text 503 897-0742 or email .